When Life Gives You Lemons Bath Tea


Life handing you Lemons? Well we are and we aren’t sour about it! Lemon is a major contributor in the essential oil world because of its extreme disinfecting and antifungal properties. But there is so much more… like you needed it. When Life Gives You Lemons is here to showcase that the juice is worth the squeeze on this one. When Life Gives You Lemons Bath Tea is stimulating while calming, detoxifying and purifying. When Life Gives You Lemons takes all of its glory and shines even brighter when combined with the bombs other ingredients are hard at work moisturizing and mending your skin. Epsom salt is a great supporting actor, relieving tension, pain, and inflammation. Not only will you be completely recharged and refreshed- you are going to smell better than lemonade & sunshine!


Use: Ready for tea time? Run hot bath, drop in, swirl water around, get in there, breathe deep, steep, cleanse, and energize! When you are fully recharged and ready to get out leave all of that tension, stress, negative energy, ugly thoughts, and feelings in that tub! Let them circle the drain to never we thought of again. Now, go stand in some sunshine and absorb all of the positivity and warmth you can!


Pairs Well With: Lemon Drop Martini's and Kundalini Meditation. 

When Life Gives You Lemons Bath Tea


Lemon Essential Oil 

Dried Lemon Peel & Flowers

Black Tea

Green Tea

Flowers & Herbs

Vitamin E

Sweet Almond Oil 

Coconut Oil 

Mineral Water 

Epsom Salt


*Dried with Rutilated Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Tiger's Eye, Amber & Selenite Crystals*


© 2016 BY Highly Meditated 


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