Spirit Junkie Scrub


Embrace your full on addiction to Spirit Junkie and get loaded with the combo of green tea and matcha tea. Absorb the energy and endurance with powerful antioxidants detoxifying, mending and restoring your skin. This scrub is made to scrub and buff every part. Reach the ultimate skin perfection by revitalizing, exfoliating, & hydrating your skin all at once. This antioxidant rich scrub washes away dry skin & buffs to perfection all while leaving skin nourished and hydrated.


Use: Scrub and buff all of your parts. Now you are ready to leave all of that negative energy behind you because you are high on life!


Pairs Well With: Iced green tea, Yoga pants and Transcendental Maharishi Meditation.    

Spirit Junkie Scrub


Green Tea Essential Oil 

Matcha Essential Oil

Epsom Salt 

Natural Cane Sugar

Coconut Oil 

Palm Tree Oil 

Vitamin E

Dried Matcha Tea

Dried Green Tea


*Dried with Carnelian, Azurite, Amethyst & Selenite Crystals*

© 2016 BY Highly Meditated 


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