Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary is definitely top 3! I love the smell for mental and emotional clarity but my main reason for loving Rosemary is the holy respiratory relief!


Fun Facts

Aroma: Herbaly & Woody

Fancy Botanical Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Extraction & Plant Used: Steam Distilled – Flowering Plant


Rosemary supports healthy respiratory function and helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue.


Rosemary Essential Oil


Nervous Break Down

I like to rub a drop or two in my hands- cup my hands over my nose & mouth to flood the senses. Get your nerves back.


Tummy Ache

Mix in 10+ drops in lotion or oil base- rub on bottom on your feet, then put some socks on oh and rub some on your stomach too!


Diffuse and Breathe It All In

I like the use a diffuser or add a couple drops to your cars air vent.

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