Pure Moxie Salt


Pure Moxie is the ultimate spark of sweet fruity aroma that will kick you into high gear- energizing your mind, body, and soul- hiking your confidence and attitude. This mega, super awesome blend is just what you need to take it to the next level. Sure you can relax in the thoughts of powerful antioxidants detoxifying, mending and restoring your skin. Epsom salt relieving tension, pain, and inflammation. And mineral water is increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and strengthening the immune system.  But the real magic is the circulation of energy that will have you feeling sexier and more confident than ever.


Use: Run hot bath, drop in, swirl water around until dissolved (a salty butt is an unhappy butt), get in there, and soak in all that beauty. When you are go and ready to get out leave any negativity in that tub! Let It all circle the drain to never we thought of again. Now go carpe some diem! 


Pairs Well With: Bitchin Hells & Vodka and The Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation.

Pure Moxie Salt


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Peru Balsam Essential Oil

Passion Fruit Essential Oil

Shangri-la Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vitamin E

Epsom Salt 

Baking Soda

Corn Starch 

Citric Acid 

Coconut Oil 

Castor Oil

Mineral Water 


*Dried with Carnelian, Rose Quartz & Selenite Crystals*

© 2016 BY Highly Meditated 


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