Namaste In Bed Butter


Lavender is the Mack Daddy of relaxation in aroma therapy. Which is why we laid on the lavish! Works great for babies of all ages – bring on the Lavender Love!


Pairs Well With: A hot cup of tea followed by a large cold glass of water & Satanama Meditation.

Namaste In Bed Blend

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Here's What I Do With It...


Nervous Break Down

I like to rub a drop or two in my hands- cup my hands over my nose & mouth to flood the senses. Get your nerves back.


Calm the F down

Rub in 4+ drops to the wrists & temples. You can take some deep cleansing breaths and inhale the magic when you want to trip people in the hallway for saying that one stupid thing in the meeting (F that guy, right!)


Adding It Up!

Add 5+ drops to lotions, oils, crèmes, soaps, hair products… ect for a great scent boost. I like to add mix a little baking soda & 4+ drops for a nice face scrub.


Inhale It

Throw some in the diffuser, add some drops to the a/c vent in your car or rub it on temples & wrists.


You Smell Nice

Add a couple dabs as a nice perfume or cologne.


Tub Time

15+ drops to the bath tub or to the shower floor!


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