Lavender Essentail Oil


Personally I do not like the smell of lavender oil (not in a house, not with a mouse, not in a box and not with a fox). But I use the crap out of it for all of the versatile benefits and magic they have harnessed.


Fun Facts

Aroma: Floral, Herbaly & Bold Assault to the nose

Fancy Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Extraction & Plant Used: Steam Distilled – Leaves & Flower


Gives you a feeling of calm by fighting nervous tension. Cleanses & sooths skin irritations like sun burns. Reduces the blemish redness & helps combat aging skin with antioxidants. Improves eczema & psoriasis. Helps with vertigo & nausea. Heals & sooths burns/wounds.

Lavender Essential Oil



Add 4+ drops to skin/hair care products and/or bath water for a boost of antioxidants, blemish fighting ninjas & nice calming effect.


Rash & Burn

Throwing some lavender oil to your after sun, lotion or aloe for instant rash & sun burn relief.


Go the F to Sleep

Add 2+ drops to your temples or throw some in a diffuser before bedtime to get you the F to sleep.


Calm the F down

You can take some deep cleansing breaths and inhale the magic when you want to trip people in the hallway for saying that one stupid thing in the meeting (F that guy, right!)


Stretch & Marks

Get about 5+ drops and rub them on your stretch marks. Dab 2+ drops on your fingertip & apply to blemishes, dark spots & wrinkles.

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