Clove Essential Oil


Clove have been one of my BF’s because of Dentists! Thank God for the sedative properties these bad boys bring to the table. And who doesn't love them some Tiger Balm!? 


Fun Facts

Aroma: Dark, Earthy, Warm, Sweet & Spicy

Fancy Botanical Name: Eugenia Caryophyllata

Extraction & Plant Used: Steam Distilled

Clove Essential Oil


Tooth Pain

Aching teeth are one of my pit falls. Whether it is me or the baby… I can’t handle it. For my wisdom tooth problem I packed when with gauze that was dabed with some clove oil- instant relief. For when my son was teething- I mixed some coconut oil & clove oil (test it on yourself first) dabed it on his gums.


Baggy Eyes & Puffy Skin

Add in 3+ drops to your regular skin regimen or some good ol’ coconut oil. I add 3+ drops to baking soda for a good scrub!


Itchy & Scratchy

Get about 5+ drops, you can add with coconut oil or aloe if you want.


Sore AF

Since clove is a natural vasodilator it helps to widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation encouraging a free flow of blood to the muscles. (Tiger Balm!) 7 + drops in coconut oil or lotion and massage into those achin’ muscles. 30 + drops in a hot bath with some Epsom salt is pretty magical as well.


Tension Headache

I like to use it for tension headaches- 2+ drops to each temple and about 4+ to each shoulder and neck.


Libido… This is a weird one…

Clove is actually a way to get the blood flowing- if you know what I mean. One drop of clove in your coffee or beverage can give you an extra boost of sexual energy.

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