Chamomile Essential Oil


Chamomile is the calm boss. Everybody love them some chamomile- getting your tea on or trying to get some sleep.


Fun Facts

Aroma: Floral with a little apple-like sweetness

Fancy Botanical Name: Chammaemelum Nobile

Extraction & Plant Used: Steam Distilled - Flower


Chamomile is therapeutic mind, body & soul. Soothes the systems of the body.

Chamomile Essential Oil


Getting Your Youth Back

Add 2+ drops to your moisturizer, lotions and hair care junk to get youthful looking skin & hair.


Tea Please

2-5 drops in your tea- duh you can drink it but you can inhale the steam too!


Calm the F down

You can take some deep cleansing breaths and inhale the magic. Add 2+ drops on wrists.


In the Tub

20+ drops in the tub or on the shower floor.

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